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MMF = Military Micronutrient Formulation

MMF is a 100% natural biological supplement developed by world-class physicians and scientists to protect United States soldiers after 9/11. Now, Engage Global exclusively offers it to the general public for abundant living.


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Most Powerful Antioxidant Supplement. DNA Protection & Repair

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"Our extensive research and human clinical trails have demonstrated without question that MMF is indeed the first and only natural-form oral preparation of its kind for DNA." -Dr. Gerald Haase, M.D.

The threats to our health are all around us and in us--toxins, pollution, ionizing radiation, diet, lifestyle, and much more-- and they cause damage to our cells (where the DNA resides) resulting in less-than-optimal health. MMF has a dynamic combination of vital micronutrients in their natural Isoform and ratio for maximum potency to protect our overall health and address cellular damage. Try it yourself for a month and experience the real, tangible results it can make in your life. For any questions, please send us a message.    
What does MMF do?
  • Shield your body's delicate 'software' from daily risks & exposures
  • Energize your cells to trigger natural repair mechanisms
  • Combat oxidative stress & free radicals to fortify your internal systems
  • Supercharge your immunity
  • Invigorate your body's anti-aging processes

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If you are looking for the most medically advanced tool to help overcome and prevent illness, and an opportunity of a lifetime, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to guide you along this great journey.


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